Where to eat

Despite being famished, before stopping at The Pass Street Food Cafe for a burger, I wandered up to Charlie Harpers to see what they were offering on their specials board.

Crispy belly of pork served with black pudding mash, apple cider and thyme jus, green beans and bacon.

More than enough to get me to a table and take out the newspaper. Charlie Harpers is one of the best casual day restaurants in Chichester. Their specials board always offers something of interest at very affordable prices.

But since I don’t get the opportunity, as often as I would like, I still stopped at The Pass for a Mexican burger and chippers. It is a rare pleasure to be served something bursting with flavour that needs no seasoning.

Again real value for money. The only restaurant where I order a burger. They also do a monthly special which I have never tried as I stick to exactly what works for me.

These two along with Woodies and De Levante are worth trying as is Crispins for tea, coffee and cake.

Chichester Farmers Market

Looking for an artisan feta some years ago, I splashed out on a some goats cheese at a local market. But quickly lost interest as it had a distinctly unpleasant taste and have avoided the stuff ever since.

Up until I stopped at the Nut Knowle Farm stall at the Chichesters Farmers Market where I was very pleasantly surprised after sampling the different cheeses on offer. I also discovered that rather than being a goats cheese, feta was originally made from sheeps milk.

They range from a soft and mild roll, through to mature, mould encrusted varieties that pack a punch. As well as a full range of herbed and different flavoured cheeses in between.

The Farmers market operates the first and third Friday of the month and is well worth browsing around.