If you are looking for a newsagent in Chichester, they are around the corner, down a small lane and they open promptly at five in the morning.

Early morning newspaper Chichester

Breakfast on a Saturday morning is incomplete without an early morning paper. Although I am not saying that eight o’clock counts as an early breakfast. It’s the earliest I can find.  But I was stuck without a newspaper.  That was until I found one in St Martins Street. Its a lane that runs off East Road next to M&S past the Hole in the Wall and St Martins Coffee Shop.

The newsagents are on the next corner on the left.

Newspaper in Chichester

Good News are also billed as Confectioners but I don’t think I saw any evidence of confectionery in the shop besides ice creams. If I did I would buy purely on principle.

Brazilian restaurants

I watched the Brazil vs Belgium game at the house of a friend. But it wasn’t just the football that made it a memorable evening.

Brazilian food Chichester

It was Gabriel’s piri-piri sauce that brought back memories of days in Beira and the Hut in Long St.

We started the game with crispy onion rings liberally drizzled with the piri-piri sauce. Then onto carne assada (roast beef) and crispy belly of pork accompanied by a fresh salad and once again lashings of peri-peri sauce.

Portuguese piri-piri sauce Chichester

An evening which took me off to both Portsmouth and Brighton in a search for the Brazilian restaurant which will serve as a fitting substitute for that authentic Thai meal, I well know, I will never find.

Google Maps

Google maps is very useful for  getting around in Chichester. But it is not infallible.

I use the 55 bus route to Tangmere and Google is fine for the outward journey. But for some reason Maps records the last stop on the return journey at a arbitrary stop halfway along the route.

This means I don’t get given the option of this route from where I am staying,  if I want to get to the bus station. For the outward trip, it also directs me to a pick up point that is a bit longer, than if I cut across the park to a local community centre. So if you are using the app on a regular basis, it is a good idea to double check the info you think is right.

Stagecoach also run a  Coastliner service between Brighton and Portsmouth which I am not given as an option when searching for services between Chichester and the stops along the coast. It rather defaults to the train schedules. Possibly because they are quicker. But then again if I paid a bit more attention to Options I suspect I could fix that one.