Cell phone charging points

Where can one find a cell phone charging point? A question that gets asked more times than there are answers.

I have started driving for Deliveroo.

The app one uses to fulfill the orders drains my battery and I am looking. Not only for a charging point I can use, I also need free parking. Somewhere I can sit, read a newspaper and wait.

De Levante

Tucked away in a cellar off St Pancras is one of the newer restaurants in Chichester.

Mediterranean restaurants in Chichester

Offering a selection of both tapas as well as main dishes De Levante is a Spanish Mediterranean themed restaurant in an unusual and attractive setting.

Spanish tapas restaurants in Chichester

But it was the Turkish rice pudding which caught my eye. Small things, simple things which make a difference.

Rice pudding in Chichester

Organic Coffee

Even if I had an ear for it, I would never dare to take them up on their offer.

Good coffee in Chichester

You can tell just by looking at it that you want to know what you are letting yourself in for.

Best coffee shops in Chichester West Sussex

And its much the same with both the coffee and the certified organic wholefoods you find at St Martins Coffee. A bit intimidating at first.

But there is no need to make a public spectacle of oneself.

Must do attractions Chichester

There are plenty of secluded spots where one can hideaway, with a newspaper to watch and observe before taking the plunge.

Organic wholefoods Chichester West Sussex

“Since our inception, June 1979, we have never used microwave ovens, aluminium pots, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or tin openers. No industrial chain shop, factory, mass produced convenience meals will ever be served to you here.”

Old historical buildings in Chichester West Sussex

The property has a 18th Century facade and mediaeval interior that has been sensitively restored and furnished with an eclectic mixture of beams, log fires and enticing hideaways. Giving one every reason to expolre the twists and turns and the journey to the toilets on the third floor is an experience no visitor to Chichester should miss.

Things to do in Chichester


Working for Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat is a part-time job. Something to do to earn a bit extra where the emphasis is on flexibility.

Part-time jobs in Chichester

The area is sometimes busy and other times not. So the trick is to choose your times and manage the down time as best as you can. But don’t expect to get eight hours in a day with back to back deliveries. You will be lucky to even earn at the minimum wage in the times you do work.

Having said that I use a car for deliveries as it suits me. I also don’t mind the quiet times as I find a table at a coffee shop and blog.

Monday: First order from the Coop at 11h00 and then Waitrose at 12h00
Two deliveries in the next hour both long hauls to Tangmere
Despatched to Coop in Tangmere at 13h30 with an hours break before delivering a milkshake to one of the same customers in Tangmere area
Deliveries for Waitrose at 15h00 and 16h00 followed by two back toback for Kokoro
Wagamama at 17h35 followed by Giggling Squid
Bangerz & Burgerz (delay) and LA Fish
Clients instruction in spitalfield stating entrance at rear but no directionson how to get there.
Forgot torch so packed it in 55.91 over 93 miles
Early start at 08h00 as there is a boosted fee of 1.3. Currently displaying Moderately busy

Bread and butter pudding

This is what took me back to Winchester over the weekend.

The best bread and butter pudding Chichester

Only to discover that it is no longer on the menu. After a three hour bus ride, it was a bit of a disappointment. Despite which the Black Boy pub is still worth a visit.

Although I doubt it will involve a special outing by bus next time.

Pubs in the South of England

Best English pubs

Old wooden tables and a quirky collection of the oddest artefacts and bric-a-brac. Four squirrels playing pool in a glass case, a couple of squash rackets mounted on the wall and shelves of books. Not quite a library, nor a museum but definitely a pub worth exploring.

Pub bric-a-brac

Pity about the pudding.

Hand-pressed burgers

When I stopped to see if there was a web site or opening times on The Pass food truck, a vehicle drew up, to advise me that there are no better burgers in Chichester.

Best burgers in Chichester

I suspect he was hoping I was there to open up. But no luck so far, I suspect that they only open for lunch.

Gourmet burgers in Chichester

Bishops Palace Gardens

Tucked away behind the Cathedral are the Bishops Palace Gardens

Bishops Palace Gardens Chichester West Sussex


Two thousand years ago the Romans built a wall for defensive purposes around the city which is still largely intact. The Cathedrals Historic Quarter lies in the south-west quadrant and the gardens date back to 1147.

Things to do in Chichester West Sussex

Contained within the city walls with the inspiring backdrop of the Cathedral and its spire it offers both residents and visitors an opportunity to relax and unwind.

Places to see Chichester West Sussex

There is a 16th century gateway off South Street into Canon Lane which gives access to the Bishop’s Palace and gardens.

St Richard’s Walk leads off the Lane to the Cathedral with a view of the Deanery which was built in 1725. It replaced the original Deanery which was damaged in the English Civil War.

Vicars’ Close with the remaining four houses of twelve which once housed the vicars’ choral, leads to the Vicars’ Hall. Originally there was another row opposite, but these were turned into shops facing out into South Street in 1825.


We don’t fall within the West Sussex catchment area but apparently it is possible to apply to be placed in a secondary school or college outside the prescribed area.

Personalised gifts

Fuel the Adventure produce a 10,000 mAh power bank designed to look like a minitature of the globally recognised and iconic jerrycan. A robust liquid container made from pressed steel.

Customised corporate gifts

Originally designed in Germany in the 1930s for military use as a fuel container, it proved to have many innovative features for convenience of use and robustness. Trusted by all military forces across the world as well as outdoor enthusiasts and many others, the jerrycan is universally loved, inspiring Fuel the Adventure to build a rugged battery charger which is a perfect corporate gift.

Cell phone battery chargers

It is a high quality, well made and stylish.

10,000 mAh of handheld power; up to 3 full smartphone charges
Easy to view LEDs indicate available power
Rugged design which is splashproof, when the cap is sealed
Supplied with a USB-C charging cable to recharge (5-7 hours to fully recharge)
CE and RoHS certified. UL and UN 38.3 battery certified design

Cell phone battery back-ups

Comfort food

Despite the quaint and quirky streets Chichester, has it’s fair share of coffee chains, big name department stores and the pre-packaged culture. Like everywhere one has to look for home-cooked, good service and good value.Home cooked meals Chichester

Apple crumble drowned in fresh cream at the Coal Exchange in Emsworth.

Home-cooked food Chicheste

Lunch time special two courses for ten ponds.

Home-cooked pub food Chichester

Ham, egg & chips at the Dolphin in Little Hampton for six pound ninety five.