Multi-drop driver jobs

How does one get a job as a multi-drop driver in Chichester?  The answer is with difficulty.

Like most things, it is not as straight forward as it could be.  Most drivers jobs are based in Southampton, Portsmouth and Littlehampton servicing the Amazon distribution centres .  Although Milk and More do advertise and there should be jobs delivering for the local supermarkets. But I have never managed to get a response from Milk and More and every advert I have replied to ends up at Amazon.

Petrol stations

Tesco Petrol Station
Fishbourne Rd
Open 24 hours


ESSO Rontec Stockbridge
A27 Westbound
Open 24 hours


Sainsbury’s Petrol Station
Westhampnett Rd
07h00 to 22h00


ESSO Rontec Kingsham
A27 Eastbound
05h00 to 24h00


Texaco ??? Co op
Roman Fields, Lavant Rd

Co op Food
Lavant Rd
07h00 to 11h00


ESSO EG Tangmere
27 Arundel Rd
Open 24 hours


Personalised gifts

Fuel the Adventure produce a 10,000 mAh power bank designed to look like a minitature of the globally recognised and iconic jerrycan. A robust liquid container made from pressed steel.

Customised corporate gifts

Originally designed in Germany in the 1930s for military use as a fuel container, it proved to have many innovative features for convenience of use and robustness. Trusted by all military forces across the world as well as outdoor enthusiasts and many others, the jerrycan is universally loved, inspiring Fuel the Adventure to build a rugged battery charger which is a perfect corporate gift.

Cell phone battery chargers

It is a high quality, well made and stylish.

10,000 mAh of handheld power; up to 3 full smartphone charges
Easy to view LEDs indicate available power
Rugged design which is splashproof, when the cap is sealed
Supplied with a USB-C charging cable to recharge (5-7 hours to fully recharge)
CE and RoHS certified. UL and UN 38.3 battery certified design

Cell phone battery back-ups

Fish and chip shops in Chichester

Harry’s Fish & Chips – Adrian and Helen are ‘hands on’ proprietors that take pride in all the food that is cooked and the services they provide. A well established family owned business with an excellent reputation for quality fish and chips in Chichester. Located on Victoria road and specialising in fresh crinkle cut spuds in their tasty, traditional fish and chips. They are located on Victoria Road in Chichester a short distance from Goodwood, the perfect “pit stop” when you want some tasty, traditional fish and chips.


La Fish – Established in 1981 by Adamos and Liza, La Fish is a small family-run business on the Hornet.


Andy’s Fish Bar – Long established business situated on St.Pancras using  the freshest produce which is all prepared on the premises.


The Lighthouse Fish & Chips – The Ridgeway off St Pauls


The Loft Fish & Chips – Only use MSC certified sustainable fish and recyclable takeaway boxes and offer a full gluten free menu daily. Located between Chichester and Lavant on the A286, at the Co – Op and Texaco Petrol Garage with ample parking.


New Kingsham Fish & Chips –  Hardham Rd

No #10 Fish & Chips 01243784295


Cell phone charging points

Where can one find a cell phone charging point? A question that gets asked more times than there are answers.

I have started driving for Deliveroo.

The app one uses to fulfill the orders drains my battery and I am looking. Not only for a charging point I can use, I also need free parking. Somewhere I can sit, read a newspaper and wait.

Christmas ham

Not really snow but close enough. I drove up to Midhurst after a heavy frost as the sun rose, to pick up our Christmas ham from Michael Courtney Family Butchers.

A magic time of day with the heater going full blast. Parking no problem, very little traffic besides one idiot in his SUV sitting on my tail through West Dean, Singleton and Cocking.

Pizzas in Chichester

Not knowing much about something I have very strong opinions on….

Remember that with authentic Italian pizzas, less is more in terms of the toppings. This is true of most Italian cuisine. The ingredients are carefully chosen to compliment each other as well as possible.


Many pizzerias in Naples only serve a couple of different pizzas. Whilst I think that there are other great combinations, I do think it’s a great starting point to take a look at the traditional Italian pizzas and their toppings.