Delivery drivers

Working for Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat is a part-time job. Something to do to earn a bit extra where the emphasis is on flexibility.

Part-time jobs in Chichester

The area is sometimes busy and other times not. So the trick is to choose your times and manage the down time as best as you can. But don’t expect to get eight hours in a day with back to back deliveries. You will be lucky to even earn at the minimum wage in the times you do work.

Having said that I use a car for deliveries as it suits me. I also don’t mind the quiet times as I find a table at a coffee shop and blog.

Monday: First order from the Coop at 11h00 and then Waitrose at 12h00
Two deliveries in the next hour both long hauls to Tangmere
Despatched to Coop in Tangmere at 13h30 with an hours break before delivering a milkshake to one of the same customers in Tangmere area
Deliveries for Waitrose at 15h00 and 16h00 followed by two back toback for Kokoro
Wagamama at 17h35 followed by Giggling Squid
Bangerz & Burgerz (delay) and LA Fish
Clients instruction in spitalfield stating entrance at rear but no directionson how to get there.
Forgot torch so packed it in 55.91 over 93 miles
Early start at 08h00 as there is a boosted fee of 1.3. Currently displaying Moderately busy