Local crafts

With a few exceptions most of the stalls at the local markets I have found have been dull and uninteresting.

Unique, handmade, sustainable sterling silver jewellery. Crafted by hand in the UK Silver Hollow Jewellery provides high-quality pieces including sterling silver rings, chains, pendants, bracelets and earrings. We also make a range of recycled jewellery including coin rings, spoon rings, and more eco-friendly pieces

Environmentally sustainable handmade jewellery Chichester


Craft markets in Chichester

Which was why I stopped to talk to Jib Hagan. No ways he is going to earn any awards for the design and presentation of his stall.

Recycling waste plastic Chichester

But what he lacked in the way of shelter from the elements he made up for with enthusiasm and passion.

Hand woven bags using recycled plastic waste.

It’s a little ironical when you stop to think how recycled plastic waste ends up back on the street, in a stall being sold into the market and the journey taken to get here.


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