Public transport

Google maps is very useful for  getting around in Chichester. But it is not infallible.

I use the 55 bus route to Tangmere and Google is fine for the outward journey. But for some reason Maps records the last stop on the return journey at a arbitrary point halfway along the route.

This means I don’t get given the option of this route from where I am staying,  if I want to get to the bus station. For the outward trip, it also directs me to a pick up point that is a bit longer, than if I cut across the park to a local community centre. So if you are using the app on a regular basis, it is a good idea to double check the info you think is right.

Stagecoach also run a  Coastliner service between Brighton and Portsmouth which I am not given as an option when searching for services between Chichester and the stops along the coast. It rather defaults to the train schedules. Possibly because they are quicker. But then again if I paid a bit more attention to Options I suspect I could fix that one.