Breakfast on the Beach

[Edit] 23/03/22
More changes unfortunately. Billy’s is no longer the Surfers Cafe it was. It had a lick of paint during the Covid lockdown and it is now a looking a lot sleeker. Another chic seafood cafe. No longer that different and no Surfers Breakfast.

Different is something I have been looking for ever since Charlie Harper’s changed their menu, doing away with their Brunch Hash special.

Billys on the Beach East Wittering Chichester Harbour

A search which took me down to East Wittering for a breakfast at  Billys on the Beach.  I can’t remember when I last ordered kippers for an early morning breakfast and soon discovered that I have forgotten how to peel it away from the bones .

But I managed.

Surfers breakfast at Billys on the Beach East Wittering

Keeping to different was the Surfers Breakfast which was a tomato, pepper base with cheese and I seem to remember chourizo. This topped with two fried eggs with chunks of bread.

Breakfasts in Chichester

It was different and Billy’s on the Beach is just one of a number of interesting restaurants and cafes to be found in East Wittering. Suspect it has got everything to do with there is a surfing community making it worth another look.

Beach restaurants on the South Coast West Sussex

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  1. As far as I can remember they still do kippers but not the Surfers Breakfast. It has had a makeover and is looking a lot sleeker and polished these days.

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